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Do you have a data backup policy already? Are you using tapes? When did you last TEST your backup to make sure you can actually get your data back!? What happens if your are infected by a computer virus? In a recent survey by TechRepublic, it was discovered that only about 40% of tape backups actually worked when the IT guys tried to recover their customers' data. Yes, only FORTY percent!! Do you still think your data is safe? In another survey, it was reported that

75% of companies who suffer a major data loss are bankrupt within 6 months.

Do you think your business would survive if you couldn't recover all your data for customer and accounts?
Business Data Backup has different requirements from a simple home backup, and we know the difference, so we can implement a backup regime which will keep your company data safe, and you in business.
Option 1: Hard Disk Backup. The Fastest and Safest. Our "EG Peezy" hard disk based backup solutions are cheaper than tape backup, allow much more data to be backed up offsite, take less time, are much more reliable, allow 256bit encryption for security, and will email you every day so that you can be sure your backup ran successfully, even if you're away on business.
Even better, this system starts from around
199.00 installed and configured, including the cost of the hard disks, and there are NO MONTHLY FEES. That works out at about 8.29 per month or less, for tens of Gigabytes of your data protected from viruses, hard disk failure, and malicious or inept workers.

Don't take a chance, call today and get your data secured before it's too late.
Option 2: Internet Backup. If your backup consists of only a few critical files it's possible to securely backup your data over the Internet while keeping it encrypted. Only you can view your data! The beauty of this system is that the backup happens during quiet moments when your Server or PC is idle, such as lunchtimes, or overnight, and no-one has to remember to take the backup with them on a busy Friday evening when they're trying to get out the door. Your data is safe, off-site, so if the worst happens, you can get up and running again quickly, and keep your customers (and your business!).

Automatic hands-free backups from 9.95/month + 40 setup.

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