In 80% of cases, we can get your data and documents back.

In an ideal world you should have proper backup software and an external hard disk, but in the real world, if the worst happens, we still may be able to recover your data.  Here are the three simple steps to follow if you think your PC has been infected with a virus or the hard disk has a fault:

Don't keep turning the computer on and off in the hope that it will "just get better" - if the bearing in your hard disk is failing we have a limited amount of time in which to recover your data.
Don't try to reinstall Windows, or use Product Recovery CDs, you'll probably make things worse, not better.
DO Call us, explain what has happened, with as much detail as possible. We'll arrange to collect the computer and recover the data if it's possible.

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75% of companies who suffer a major data loss will go bust within 6 months.
Option 1: Software Data Recovery.

The majority of hard disk data loss is caused by data corruption rather than hardware failure. If your drive is mechanically and electrically sound, we have software which can image your drive, then recover the data from the image, leaving the original intact in case the software method doesn't work (this is the only correct way to do software data recovery).
Depending on the amount of data and how you'd like it returned to you, our data recovery option 1 prices start at

Option 2: Hardware Data Recovery.

When we receive your hard disk we will first check to see what's causing the problem. If the reason for failure is mechanical (such as a head crash or bearing failure) or electrical (component failure on the circuit boards) we will send the drive away for specialist hardware recovery. This can be expensive, but if you have all your data at stake, it may be money well spent...

£CALL 01590 636574 for an estimate.

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Worried about cost?

Over 70% of our Home callouts are fixed for less than £50 !
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and we'll listen to what you can tell us about the problem, and give you an idea of cost before we visit so there are no nasty surprises.
Want to make sure you NEVER need our data recovery?

By setting up a proper regular backup to an external hard disk, you can keep your data safe against viruses and hard disk crashes.

We can supply and configure backup software for only £40

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