If your computer is stolen, all your Personal and Customer data is vulnerable...

Laptops are lost or stolen thousands of times every day. If your laptop is in the hands of the bad guys, it will take a few minutes for them to have access to all your data, and your customer data, meaning that you have already broken the Data Protection Act and can be fined heavily.

We can encrypt your computer's whole hard disk, using military grade encryption algorithms, making it effectively impossible for anyone to boot the machine or read your data without the special password. If your computer is lost/stolen, you can rest assured that no sensitive data will fall into the wrong hands.

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75% of companies who suffer a major data loss will go bust within 6 months.
Opt 1: Whole Disk Data Encryption, without reinstalling your operating system.

We can encrypt your PC's startup disk without having to reinstall the operating system, applications, or data.
This means that nobody else can start the machine or view the data without the special encryption password, even if they take the drive out and fit it into another computer.

Depending on the amount of data on the drive to be encrypted, our data encryption prices start at

Opt 2: Encrypted Data File within existing drive.

In some situations it makes sense to have only a portion of your hard disk encrypted, so that everyone can use the PC, but only those who know the encryption password can access the secret data. We can setup an encrypted area on an existing drive. Prices from:


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Want to make sure you NEVER need our data recovery?

By setting up a proper regular backup to an external hard disk, you can keep your data safe against viruses and hard disk crashes.

We can supply and configure backup software for only 40

Data Encryption to protect your valuable data

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for your PC or Mac from 4.16/month.

Data safety made simple for you.

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