Wired & Wireless Networks for Home Users (for Business, click here)

Not enough space in your spare room? Would you like to use your dining room as your office during the day, then work away from the kids in the evening? Relax in the garden while shopping online? It's all possible with a Wireless Network (although you'll have to provide your own garden of course).

We can supply Wired or Wireless Routers to connect to Cable or ADSL broadband connection, and allow you to connect the whole family to ONE broadband internet connection.
We can install and configure a Router and configure your PCs or Apple Macs for less than you might think, and we'll make sure it's as secure as possible so you don't get hacked.

MOVE & SHARE FILES & PRINTERS: Once you have a home network, you can save money by sharing files from one location so there's only ONE PC to backup. Why not buy ONE GOOD printer instead of having everyone with their own inkjet (and the cartridges you have to stock), then share it on the network?

STANDARD CABLING: If wireless isn't possible, or speed and reliability are a must, we can install cabling in most houses and keep it looking neat & tidy. If you want to connect your Router to the shed and use it as an office, we can do that too.

MAINS NETWORKING: Yes, you read that right, if Wireless won't work, and cables are too ugly, it's possible to use your mains wiring to connect up your home network devices. Router in the hallway, Laptop in the back bedroom, PS3 in the lounge. Reliable, secure, safe, and fast.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If it's all going wrong, and you can't connect, we can come to your home and sort out the mess for you. We can diagnose and fix almost any kind of network problems, no matter what the cause, so don't get stressed out, pick up the phone and let the professionals sort it out. We'll make sure you're getting the best speed, and that your security is working as it should.

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Broadband OK but you have another problem for us to fix?

Our Remote Support software allows us to work on your PC/Mac via the Internet!

And, we'll give you a 35% Discount on our onsite rates if we use this method to fix your computer.

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