Get your own business domain so you can change Broadband suppliers without changing email.

Many businesses are fed up having to let all their customers know, and change all their website membership details, every time they change Broadband contracts. This might be holding you back from taking advantage of a much better Broadband contract... Why not get your own domain that will never change?

We can help you to buy and register your own business Domain Name, setup web hosting for your site, and have as many email addresses as you like, which you can use from work, home, your hotel room, and most of the wireless hotspots around the world.

A Domain Name, including Web & Email Hosting, all Registration Fees, with unlimited traffic** and unlimited email addresses can cost less than 50 per year + 25 setup!

Website Design from only 250 !

We can also design a Website for you, to suit your budget, whether you need a basic 5 page 'web presence' or a larger more sophisticated site. In this age of web marketing, if you don't have at least a basic presence on the internet, you are already losing out to your competition. One thing you can be sure of is that we'll take you seriously, whatever the size of your business. Even the largest corporation was once a small idea in someone's mind. So, don't think about it forever, contact us today to discuss how we can help you to grow your business!

Call 02380 236091 for an approximate quote or to arrange a no-obligation meeting to fully discuss your design requirements.

(** subject to Fair Use Policy)

Get your own Domain Name, give your business the Professional look.

Which looks more professional?  or... If you can spot an 'amateur' email address, so can your customers.  If your email address is tied to your Broadband ISP, how can you take advantage of the great deals out there if the move to another ISP means that you lose your email address and have to let your customers know all over again, not to mention changing business cards?
Worried about cost?

Over 70% of our Home callouts are fixed for less than 50 !
Give us a call on
02380 236091
and we'll listen to what you can tell us about the problem, and give you an idea of cost before we visit so there are no nasty surprises.
Broadband OK but you have another problem for us to fix?

Our Remote Support software allows us to work on your PC/Mac via the Internet!

And, we'll give you a 35% Discount on our onsite rates if we use this method to fix your computer.
Business Web and Email Hosting
* conditions apply

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